New Possibilities. 



New Possibilities.

Meet the Arbor Therapists:

Libby Marx, MA, LMFT

Libby meets her clients with deep respect and humility. She graduated from St. Mary’s U of MN. With a focus on mindfulness, self-compassion and mind/body connection, Libby facilitates safe and productive space for healing. She’s trained in Yoga Calm, parent/child relationships, LGBT(QIA) issues, offers EMDR.

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Kate Pabst, MA

Kate is committed to walking along side clients as they develop a deeper understanding of body/mind connection, build and practice healthy coping skills, and increase the ability to release and regulate emotions, manage stress, resolve issues related to trauma, navigate relations and build healthy community through shared engagement experiences.

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Mike Niehans, MD

Mike tried to acquire as much knowledge as he could in his professional training at Johns Hopkins, the University of California, and Stanford. The hard part came later. It took many years to learn how to truly listen, to take in the story — to “get it” — and to ask questions that lead to new possibilities.

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Gail Yost, MA, LMFT

Maintaining a safe haven for you to share your story is Gail’s top priority. She feels honored to be a part of your journey in creating meaningful connections. Gail graduated from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.She is Certified in Clinical Hypnosis and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

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At Arbor Therapy we share a passion for the healing power of connections.

Whether the problem is anxiety, depression, or a painful event, we believe that the presence of people in our lives is the key to recovery. We can work with you to restore connections or to build them for the first time.

When we listen and ask questions, new ideas often pop up. They’ll be different for every person, so we want to work closely with you to figure out what fits for you.

Apart from talk therapy, we sometimes offer EMDR, hypnosis, medications, or other approaches, but in the end these treatments will work only if you feel comfortable, your values and priorities come first, and you have confidence in your therapist.